Gold Milestone Bracelet - Gold Filled Beads with Milestone Gem Bar


Every moment throughout life’s journey helps shape us to who we are today. Let this bracelet be your reminder to celebrate every Milestone. 

This bracelet is crafted with 5 gems to remind you during the moments you need it… you got this, you are strong, you are brave, you are loved & to trust your journey.


We're celebrating our 10 year anniversary with this Milestone bracelet. I wanted to create an Elite design that encompassed those moments and craft a bracelet with a luxury look and craftsmanship of 18k Gold Vermeil and the use of 3 of my personal favorite precious stones Garnet, Topaz and Citrine. From the box, to the craftsmanship and the etched Wave design on each bracelet, I wanted to create a timeless look and your reminder to celebrate your Milestones.

Xo Tiffany

-Vermeil Plated Bracelet Bar

-6mm Gold filled beads

-Genuine Tangerine Citrine Gems

-Genuine Honey Yellow Topaz Gems

-Genuine Garnet Gem

-Special Edition T. Jazelle Bracelet Box

-Milestone Meaning Card