Blue Aquamarine with Hugs


Blue Aquamarine -  Known as the stone of the mystic. Worn to bring inner courage, love and peace.

 Our Hugs charm is part of our “Give Back Collection”

When life gives you an unexpected journey, take the hugs along the way.  Hugs are the transfer of good energy from one person to another, energizing the soul, giving you an embrace of pure love. $2 from each sale of this bracelet will be donated by T. Jazelle to Mass General Marathon Team Fighting Kids’ Cancer

T. Jazelle has partnered with Mass General Marathon Team Fighting Kids’ Cancer to create this special T. Jazelle Hugs Edition. We first were introduced to the idea by a young fan named Elyssa. Elyssa was fighting her own battle with cancer, but wasn’t a fan of hugs. Elyssa’s mom came up with the idea that instead of giving actual hugs we could spread hugs through a Hug charm. Next thing you know, this incredible charm came to fruition. The true beauty of the Hug Charm is not only are you giving someone you love a Hug with this charm, but T. Jazelle will be giving $2 from each bracelet sold to Mass General Marathon Team Fighting Kids’ Cancer!


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