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Tiff's 5 Spring Cleaning Tips

Tiff's 5 Spring Cleaning Tips 

Don't look now but spring has come early this year and if you're anything like me you know with a new spring comes with some spring cleaning! Spring cleaning is oddly something i have come to look forward to because it feels so satisfying to get out of work, take a second to enjoy this beautiful weather and walk into a clean home! Now this can be a bit overwhelming but hopefully with these quick tips you can not only enjoy it this time around but feel good while doing it!

1) Take it Room by Room 

Before I start any cleaning to begin with I take a walk through the house, looking for which room will need more cleaning than others. It’s also important to keep a list so you can stay organized and on track.

2) Get Someone Else Involved

Whether that's your significant other, your roommates, or even the kids doesn't hurt to have extra hands when cleaning anything!

3) Don't Be Afraid to Move On

Now this is one of the most important ones, moving on from clothing you no longer wear, items you no longer use, and appliances that no longer work. This also a chance to feel great by donating clothing to those in need, while at the same time cleaning up your closet space! 

4) Updating Your Surroundings 

Now this is one we can all get behind because who doesn't love to spruce up the house with some new stuff! Some of the items I update my surroundings with during spring cleaning are my new candles, shower curtain, laundry hamper, and some flowers because who doesn't love the smell of new ones! 


5) Maintain the Clean 

After finishing your spring cleaning it's important to keep this level of cleanliness up! This is a great time to establish ongoing cleaning habits that you can take all the way to your next spring cleaning making it even easier the next time!

March 30, 2020 — Tiffany Narbonne


Michelle Routhier

Michelle Routhier said:

LOVE this!!! Spring Cleaning mode <3 new season new stacks

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