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Happy International Women's Day!!!!
Happy International Women's Day!!
Tiffany's Perfect Summer Day

My Perfect Summer Day on Cape Cod

One Question I constantly get asked especially during the summer months is what is my ideal summer day on cape cod? Well here it is in its entirety without a second to spare! 

Morning:  I'm the type of a person who tries to force themselves to sleep in but my mind and my pup usually have totally different plans. So realistically I'm usually up by 8-8:30 depending on what time Lola forces me up with her little stretches and morning kisses. Once I'm up on my feet it's almost instantaneous that I’m telling Alexa to play today's Country. This is what gets my morning going and positive vibes flowing for the rest of the day! After this I'm usually on my way to the Mashpee Commons for a spin class at B/spoke studios where I can get a great workout out in.However no perfect morning is complete without grabbing some coffee at Nirvana on my way back to the house!

Middle to late Afternoon:  At this point my mind is already at the beach now I just need to get my husband to take me there! Anyone that knows me, knows how much I live for the ocean and how unwilling I am to carry anything to the beach . The beach you can usually find me at is Mayflower beach soaking in the sun with family and friends with not a worry in the world for the next few hours. At this point it's my goal to get that perfect sunset insta, however there is no better place to experience a gorgeous cape cod sunset then at Greys beach boardwalk. Fun Fact this is the place Leon proposed to me so its even more special to me beyond just its beauty. 

Evening: Now your typical cape codder might be ready to call it a night however as you may know i'm far from typical! No perfect day goes without a perfect dinner and no better place to grab dinner then at Ocean House Restaurant. If you want an unbelievable dinner by the ocean then this is the place for you. Lastly, to cap off this perfect summer day I have to stop at my favorite ice cream spot sunday school and pick up a quick cookie dough cone. Now that's a perfect summer day to me, now let's hear from you guys in the comments below!

June 01, 2020 — Brian McManus

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