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March TJ Charm Spotlight

An Elephant is known to symbolize good luck, strength and wisdom. Wear your Lucky Elephant Charm Bracelet as a reminder to stay strong and good fortune will follow.

This month at T. Jazelle we are doing our first ever charm spotlight where we will choose a special fan favorite and let you in behind how this beautiful, unique symbol came to be. The first charm I really wanted to showcase is one of my personal favorites, our Lucky Elephant. This specific charm has so much inspiration that comes with it because of the powerful symbol this amazing animal exemplifies with good luck, strength, and true wisdom. 

However most people don't know this is actually my favorite animal because of the true natural beauty this special animal symbolizes. Even as a kid growing up I always found so much inspiration when reading about these elephants and how truly remarkable they are. So when T. Jazelle came to be I knew this was one of the first charm designs that needed to become a reality! 

After creating this unique charm and coming up with a special meaning it was now time to show off this charm. From day one you girls have loved our Lucky Elephant charm so much that we have created multiple designs for it! This charm is a true cornerstone of T. Jazelle due to the endless love you amazing fans have shown and continue to show it. So when it came time to do our first charm spotlight there was no other option than to lead off with then with our Elephant charm!

xoxo... Tiffany

March 17, 2020 — Tiffany Narbonne


Kelly Alves

Kelly Alves said:

Hi, Tiff, I’m a friend of your sister Melissa’s .. I just joined tonight when I saw her post ! I absolutely love this bracelet, as much as I love elephants !! I love the stack you created also.. I was looking to purchase some, but don’t see them! I’m with you absolutely loving elephants since I was kid! I actually rode on one at the zoo! It was magical .. your bracelet brings me right back! Love it ! ❤️…

TJ Stack Team

TJ Stack Team said:

Love it Jessica Sue! Turquoise has been one of our most popular stones of all time and the Lucky Elephant will always hold a special place to us!

Jessica Sue

Jessica Sue said:

This was my very first TJazelle bracelet I had purchased. I got it in my favorite stone Turquoise. Now I own 20 plus and this one still remains my favorite! Xo

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