We all love our Stacks. Just like anything else we care for we have to show our bracelets love in order to make them look as beautiful as new as long as we possibly can.  We receive a great deal of inquiries about how to care for your charm bracelets and the best things to do in order to keep your charm bracelets as good as new.  Below we've compiled a few tips to follow in order to maintain that stack bracelet glow!
  • First and Foremost always make sure to store your TJazelle bracelets in their individual blue velvet pouches when not being worn. Keeping your charm bracelets in their pouches helps keep the bracelets dry and away from any dampness. 
  • Always remove your bracelets before swimming, showering, working out, doing any sort of physical, or using cleaners. If you do wear your charm bracelets during any of these activities please be sure to dry afterwards.
  • If any of your bracelets need further cleaning, we best advise the use of a very mild soap, water and a clean cloth. Rinse your charm bracelets with clean water and make sure to pat dry. 
  • Jewelry cleaners are far too harsh and may contain abrasives so keep these away from your TJ stacks! 
  • To avoid dark impressions either on your skin or the bracelets themselves, be sure to clean them every two weeks.These dark impressions are due to dirt and oil in the stones and can be easily taken care of with your bracelets.
  • Lastly make sure your stacks 100% dry before placing them back in there pouches
June 09, 2021 — Tiffany Narbonne


TJ Stack Team said:

Thanks Christine! That shouldn’t a major problem at all. As long as the space your keeping your bracelets in is dry they should be more than fine. We also recommend a bracelet dowel or our TJ Stack Rack to help with storing. They let you see your entire collection in one place!

Christine bradney said:

I was reading the care of the bracelets. I took all the bracelets out of packs, and stacked in a small draw. Trying to find room. And to make it easier to see what I had! Will this be a problem in the future?

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