"No winter lasts forever. No spring skips its turn."

Do you ever just find yourself wishing for warm nights, sunny days and no more snow. Well that day is fast approaching with the first day of spring almost on our doorstep! If you’re anything like me you want to go into Spring ready to crush it and make some special memories. Here are seven of my essential items to kick off this special season in style! 


1)  Aviator Ray-Ban Sunglasses 

A timeless classic that always looks great and is sure to steal the show! I love there all American look with  endless color lenses and top of the line clarity when wearing these gems out in the sun! 

2) Free People Flares

Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love my Flares! My Free People Flares are my absolute favorite jeans and for good reason. They just go beyond great with every outfit and can either be worn to dress up or dressed down! 

3) New Music 

I Live for COUNTRY MUSIC!!! Whether it's early in the morning while I'm getting ready to attack the day or later in the night to bring me down they're honestly is no bad time for it. The country artist that are my favorite at the moment are Kip Moore and Kenny Chesney! 

4) Golden Goose Sneakers 

When I choose sneakers I love something that not only makes a statement that also brings with it some comfort because i'm always on my feet. Golden Goose are my absolute favs for this very reason and have yet to find any outfit they don't go with! 

5) New Book

Personally I'm the biggest reader but there are times when you just want to be outside and sit by the ocean with a good book. The most recent book I have been reading is Amy Pohlers “Yes Please” which is not only super funny but also offers great advice on life for any women. 

6) Beach Sticker

One of the best parts about living on cape cod are our beautiful beaches. The moment it starts to warm up you can always find me at one of my favorite beaches like Greys, Mayflower or Corporation reflecting on this amazing journey that is my life. So a beach sticker is definitely necessity to say the least.

7) New TJAZELLE Stack

With every season brings with it new style and new vibes, that's why you always need a new stack to take you to the next level. The first beauty in my new spring bracelet is Desert Jasper-Life's a Journey. The reason why I lead off with this particular bracelet is the inspirational message behind this charm “Seek what makes your soul happy and enjoy life's ride”. Next up in the stack is our beautiful, handmade 6mm Kunzite stackable bracelet that really helps solidify this stacks unique beauty. Last charm bracelet for this beautiful spring stack is our Arctic Apatite- Waves of Life because of its special meaning “Let this charm be your reminder of when to hold on and when to let go, whatever is meant to be will shore find its way.”. This speaks to the mentality i try to take into each new season making for a better me!
February 26, 2020 — Tiffany Narbonne


Sally Cameron said:

Love this stack idea!!! Also just interested what is your favorite beach on cape cod?

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